Major consumer segments that will increase the price of NASDAQ: TSLA

Tesla at targets three major consumer segments at every stage of its product launch strategy: (1) High-end sports car market – a relatively small market segment dedicated to representing the Tesla brand. (2) Luxury Sedan Market – A much larger but highly competitive segment of consumers geared towards higher consumer adoption. (3) Main automobile segment: Focus on mass production of automobiles and market penetration. Product design strategy Product design is concerned with the appearance and functionality of a product as per consumer demands. In an increasingly competitive global market, product design offers an effective way to differentiate and position a company’s products and services.

Tesla’s marketing strategy is virtually free. The company uses unconventional tactics to create its value proposition. In 2015, the marketing budget was roughly zero, but Nissan, for example, spent about $ 25 million in 2012 promoting an electric vehicle called the Reef. In addition, the company has only seven employees in the marketing department without a marketing director (CMO). According to the founder, marketing is not a priority as it focuses on manufacturing, research and development. As Musk has reiterated in various interviews, the best marketing is the flawless model that the company sells. The founders are grabbing the attention of potential buyers with some really unusual statements, such as announcing the many features built into the car lineup and unconventional media presentations. Tesla currently has a variety of marketing tools that really drive demand. Ingenious retail strategy, high customer satisfaction, word of mouth, free test drive and more. Another part of a company’s cost structure is the company’s owned retail stores.

Product Quality of Tesla

In comparison, the electric motors deliver high torque even at zero rpm, deliver almost constant torque in the 6,000 rpm range and continue to deliver excellent performance above 13,500 rpm. This means that electric vehicles are very fast at any speed. In terms of efficiency, EVs are six times more efficient than the most efficient gasoline-powered vehicles and cause less than a tenth of the pollution. BEVs are mechanically much simpler than gasoline and electric hybrid vehicles with 1/10 moving parts, no engine, no transmission, etc. In any event, it is important to address “consumer concern” about progress in order to accelerate the adoption of BEVs. Development of intelligent networks The partial transition from gasoline as a transport fuel to electricity also has considerable effects on the needs and functions of energy systems. If the company will be able to hold their market segment, the NASDAQ: TSLA can go up to four digits also. You can get the latest information from TSLA news.

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