MAC Lipstick Collection: Nudes, Pinks and Reds

The inevitable beauty post from a MAC Lipstick addict – the collection. There’s just no brand like them for me, nothing excites me more than a new shade release – not even Chanel. I know, that’s a bold statement, but when it comes to lipsticks it’s the truth. I’m quite picky when it comes to my shades (because I have such a pale skin tone) so it’s still expanding – but the shades I do have mean business, so there’s not a single let down shade here… Without further ado…

The Nudes

Yep. My MAC nude collection is (still growing) highly focused on those all-important Kylie Jenner shades which have been known to sell out on a regular basis. The first nude shade is ‘Brave’, a pink-beige tone which is the perfect universal nude shade for any skin tone. I find this one perfect for any outfit and occasion as it’s so neutral on me and not too far a cry from my natural lip shade. Paired with the ‘Soar’ lipliner the shade gives a major volume boost and the satin finish to the colour gives them a more rounded, plump look – a life saver if you have smaller lips, and perfect for a summer day and my trusty Oakley sunglasses.

Next is ‘Whirl’ which is the perfect rose/brown toned nude – another universal tone for any skin tone. This nude is better for when you want to grunge it up or are wearing a darker outfit. Lastly, we have the infamous ‘Velvet Teddy’ the original shade named as responsible for the Kylie Jenner effect. This one is a deep-toned beige, although I feel like it has a slightly peach hint to it, making it not completely ideal for all skintones. It took me a while to feel like it suited me, but now it’s definitely a day-to-day favourite and looks amazing with any outfit – and for that Kylie Jenner plumped up effect, I definitely recommend trying this shade with the lipliner ‘Staunchly Stylish’.

The Pinks

Pink shades aren’t usually staples in my day-to-day lipstick collection, however sometimes on a night out or a dinner date, the perfect pink is exactly what you need. For these kinds of shades, I’m fairly adventurous and like to opt for super vibrant colours with a pop. The first in my pink collection is ‘Rebel’, a highly popular shade in any MAC girl’s make-up bag. I picked up ‘Rebel’ when it became the ultimate ‘it’ shade around 5 years ago and have loved it ever since – to the point where I wondered what I’d do if they ever discontinued it. It’s a vampy-plum shade that works really well on most skintones and is the perfect alternative for those who are tired of deep reds.

Continuing on with the purple tones is ‘Heroine’ which is a vibrant, bright purple not for the faint hearted. It’s perfect for a night out, especially with metallics, and paired with the ‘Nightmoth’ liner makes the most amazing, sultry vamp shade. Next is my favourite pink shade in my entire make-up collection – ‘Flat Out Fabulous’. It’s part of the Retro Matte collection (all hail) making it impossibly long lasting and is the most gorgeous bright plum/fuchsia shade I could have ever hoped for.  ‘Impassioned’ is the last shade in my pink collection, which is another highly popular shade from MAC and a universal summery shade. It is one of the Amplified Creme colours, so you’re guaranteed a nice, bold lip every time. This one is a holiday favourite for me and looks absolutely amazing with a tan!

The Reds

And finally, the most loved from MAC are the reds. I don’t have too many (strangely), but the two shades I do have are all I’ll ever need. My mum picked up ‘Lady Danger’ as a Christmas gift for me a couple of years ago and little did, she know it would be my colour. Everyone has that one shade that is their colour, the one that makes their skin glow and their eyes pop and for me, ‘Lady Danger’ is the one. It’s a super vivid orange-based red, and pale girl – it’s the shade of red you’ve been looking for all your life! Some blue-toned reds like the general shades every brand has can really give me a grey-wash but for myself, the orange-based reds are just a dream come true and I’ll be re-purchasing this one until the end of my days.

And finally, we have ‘Diva’ – another massively hyped A/W shade that looks pretty good on everyone. It’s a burgundy red and has a matte finish, giving it amazing staying power and can be brightened up or toned down with a variety of different shades of red lipliner. The beauty of ‘Diva’ is it’s completely versatile – allowing it to be great for the day, all through to the night.

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