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It’s the cricket season and millions of Indians sit in front of their screens to watch this game of bat and ball with baited eyelids. The game has a massive following and with such a massive following comes great amounts of funding and investments, coupled with the fact that the number of internet users in India is growing exponentially, cricket and India becomes a prime market for betting. Internet penetration in India is at second position.

Easy Money

Betting is easy money and the conversion rates with something as massive as IPL is huge. India has recently seen a rise in online betting sites, and with the lockdown last year, people turned online for any form of entertainment. Also, with the strain on the family income, these avenues became sometimes sources of easy money. It is also a very convenient method, as all you need to do is connect to the internet and place money in any of the secure sites.

Multiple Tournaments

Cricket is an all-round event, with some or the other series happening constantly. There’s no lack of opportunities to bet for someone who wants to keep doing it. Although the IPL season has the most amount of cash flow, events like the T20 world, ICC World Cup, and high-profile bilateral series with Australia and England also attract great amounts of traction.

Overall positive experience with the process

Customers know where they are putting their money and are secure as most top-flight professional organisations put their money in the tournament. Gamblers get to verify before betting on a particular website and confirm that their money is in a legitimate place. The experience of the gambler is clean and effective and very surgical.

Websites where you can bet on IPL

Verifying legitimate websites where you can bet is hard work, so here are websites where you can put your money without fearing that you will be scammed:

  1. ICRIC– Other than cricket, it is also a market for Kabaddi matches. They take PatTM and GPay payments and have an app for convenience.
  2. Betway– Focussed specifically on the Indian market for cricket, the site provides fast withdrawals and live streams the matches online.
  3. 22bet– The minimum deposit starts at just Rs. 55, withdrawals also in cryptocurrency. The customer care is active 24/7 and has a wide range of sports.
  4. Funbet– This can be the perfect site for beginners in gambling. Withdrawals are easy with bank transfer.
  5. Mostbet– The PayTM withdrawals are fast and very convenient and the customer support is open 24/7.
  6. Casumo– It’s a new website that has a great range of sports and also an amazing web design.
  7. PariMatch– The E-wallet withdrawals are very fast and they accept the Indian payment methods.

Cricket also provides betting opportunities at every ball, every over, and the overall result of the match. So, it is a constant process and has higher levels of engagement. Check this link

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