How To Determine Laminate Floating Floor Installation Cost?

Laminate floating floors are a friendly option with lots of advantages. When you visit 689 Pty Ltd. a flooring company from Gold Coastyou will feel lost in the array of colors and designs available to choose from. There are plenty of advantages to choosing a laminate floating floor.

  • The interlock system allows the installation of floorboards seems like solving a puzzle. There is no need for screws, nails, or glue.
  • The laminate is scratch-resistant and durable.
  • Unlike carpeting, handles spill well because of the protective top layer.
  • Handles Australia’s fluctuating temperature well.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Installation cost is cheaper than hardwood timber.

Laminate flooring cost range per sq. meter in Australia

The laminate flooring cost will depend on material type and quality. Engineered timber installation is similar to laminate but in terms of the material, it is superior. The price ranges from around $15 to $45 per sq. meter. The board thickness and finish also matter, which pricing. For example, the 12mm thick floorboards are naturally more expensive than the 6mm ones. In terms of laminate flooring finish, there is a textured-looking or hand-scraped brush finish that looks realistic and has a price tag than the standard smooth look.

When you consider material quality, there is the more sturdy and expensive engineered timber floating floors with several plywood layers. The topmost layers are real pre-finished wood. Alternatively, the laminate flooring designed from thin pressed wooden boards has a top layer with an image applique layer resembling the wooden looks is affordable.

What factors are considered in the installation cost?

The laminate flooring installation cost in Australia ranges from $35 to $50 per sq. meter. What factors are considered in determining the final price?

  • Floorboard thickness – The thicker the boards the more expensive they are and even their installation rate increases.
  • Floating floor types – High material quality means high cost and even increases installation per sq. meter cost.
  • Underlay quality & thickness – The pricier the underlay the higher the final quote.
  • Floor area size – Bigger the room means more to pay for floor installation.
  • Design complexity – Some laminate flooring with unique patterns will need professional installation to get the aesthetic finish.
  • Location – In Gold Coast and Melbourne the installation may be less expensive than in Brisbane and Sydney.
  • Floor installer’s credentials – A reputable and insured installation and floor sanding company will charge more than the handymen. However, a licensed installer means you enjoy quality craftsmanship for years.

You may feel tempted to save cash doing it yourself but the chances that many things can go wrong is high. For example, incorrect spacing or poorly leveled floor can cause gaps within a couple of months after installation. Complex design finished needs artistic skills, which is hard for DIY fans.

Other costs to consider are old floor removal, floor leveling, old floor repairing & waterproofing as well as subfloor preparations.

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