How to Design Challenge Coins for Unity and Purpose

Challenge coins may have roots in military history, but you can use these unique coins for virtually any purpose.

These coins often represent the end of a journey. Similar to how soldiers would receive them after a battle, recovering addicts are given challenge coins after completing sober living programs.

You can design challenge coins for any reason, but the point is to reward a job well done. That’s why more companies and programs are gifting challenge coins to people who inspire unity and purpose.

Are you passionate about helping others achieve their purpose? Follow these tips to design coins that inspire.

How to Design Challenge Coins for Unity

Unity challenge coins are excellent for natural leaders who lead by example and inspire teamwork. They’re also ideal for team members who work well with others.

There are several ideas for unity coins. Start with a symbol or image representing unity, like peace signs, white and red roses, blue colors, circles, holding hands, doves, yin and yang symbols, and infinity loops.

Custom challenge coins come in a range of materials and colors. If you want to emphasize unity, use the color blue; this color represents unity, serenity, wisdom, and inspiration.

You could also design a metallic challenge coin with blue-colored symbols. Try a silver challenge coin with blue doves or a gold coin with roses or peace signs.

These coins are perfect for annual company dinners and staff retreats. You could even use them to incentivize more unity and teamwork among team members. The employee with the most unity coins could trade them in for gift cards or other rewards.

How to Inspire Purpose

Having a sense of purpose is instrumental for personal growth, career success, and civic engagement.

Like unity, plenty of symbols represent the importance of purpose; arrows, tools, rising suns, helping hands, hearts, work, hammers, trees, owls, and dragons all work.

Fire is a unique way to represent purpose, especially for aspiring firefighters. Reward new firefighters after they complete training and gift them every year thereafter. You could design challenge coins with single flames, firehouses, and silhouettes of firefighters.

Purpose coins are ideal for new employees, especially employees who show consistent improvement over the years.

Do you actively hire convicted felons?

Since purpose is so integral to personal growth, reward former prison inmates for a job well done, as well. Instilling a sense of purpose gives people a second chance to better their lives.

Your coins could play a pivotal role in turning someone’s life around. Stay consistent with employee rewards to make them feel a part of your work family.

Celebrate Unity and Purpose

Are you looking for a unique way to inspire purpose, teamwork, and productivity at your company or program?

Learn how to design challenge coins that deliver the outcomes you want. You have an opportunity to help team members reach even higher.

Remember these tips as you craft customized challenge coins for your team, and visit the blog often for more tips and tricks for business owners.

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