How does a player know if the casino license is genuine?

Some players have wondered whether the licenses on the websites are actually real. How can you tell whether these were really issued by the licensors?

Basically, the known providers only work with licensed casinos. If a casino now offers 50 different manufacturers and 1000 games, it can be assumed that the license is genuine. Black sheep are everywhere and the internet is big.

If you are not sure, you can check the commissions websites. Most have an online search engine where you can search for the licensed companies. If the company in question is listed there, nothing stands in the way of playing at

If there are problems or you are suspicious, you can always ask the commission. If you don’t get your money, for whatever reason, the commission may help. After all, this takes care of player protection.

We generally only recommend playing at those casino providers that you know. Some are mentioned again and again, there are hundreds of test reports and empirical values. Casino fans discuss the platforms and answer questions on the web.

If you want to get started right away without having to search for a long time, take a look at our website or study the list that we have posted above. So you can’t go wrong.

Player funds must be in separate accounts

This point is extremely important and must be carried out by reputable online casinos in English. Any money that the player deposits must be kept in separate accounts. These are special trust accounts.

This is to ensure that the player gets their money back in the event of bankruptcy. The player also has the right to withdraw his money at some point and this should be ensured.

This means the money that you deposit and store in your casino account. As soon as you gamble away the money, of course it belongs to the casino. However, the platforms may not use your money that has not yet been played to pay out winnings. This is to guarantee that everyone gets their money.

Reputable online casinos have real licensed games – games from the best providers

As mentioned at the beginning, only licensed casinos are allowed to work with the providers. The game manufacturers also have licenses and must show them. This in turn offers you protection. There are guaranteed casinos on this earth that neither offer a license nor a reputable provider. However, you should stay away from them. In your own interest, you should only play where you are really safe. After all, you want to receive your payout in the end.

The commissions check the return to player – fair play must be made possible

Every casino game has a specific RTP, the return to player. This means the payout rate. For example 95%.

The Random Number Generator – the random number generator ensures that these quotas are adhered to. Nevertheless, nobody can say when a profit will be made. It can take 1000 laps. In the long term, however, the value can be determined. The commissions now regularly check whether the values ​​are being adhered to.

The security and data protection in the casino – everything has to be encrypted

Another important point is the issue of security in the casino itself. Every website must be SSL-encrypted.

Finally, you type in sensitive data. Starting with your address to the account details, for deposits and withdrawals. If the website is encrypted, there is a small lock symbol in the browser window.

If instead of the lock you see the phrase “Not sure” or if you receive a warning when entering the website, you should run away.

In that case, something is wrong with the SSL license. Either it has expired or the website has been hacked. Either way, you shouldn’t be doing anything on the website.

Data protection is just as important. Every EU website must provide information about the data protection guidelines. The terms and conditions should also be visible on the home page.

Sometimes there is also an imprint there. But this is not necessary in every country. If there isn’t one, you don’t have to worry about it.

Reputable online casinos have many reviews

In advance, it makes sense to read reviews and recessions to get an idea of ​​the respective platforms. Sometimes it is enough if you enter the casino name and the word reputable into Google. As a result, you will find many entries in different forums.

If casinos are only praised and there are no negative experiences, it is equally important to be careful. Almost every platform also has negative comments. This is human nature. Because somehow everyone always has something to complain about. It is important that you read through the evaluation and form your own opinion.

Tip: Play in demo mode beforehand, check out the various functions in the casino and make a small deposit. Cash out the first winnings soon and see for yourself how long it takes.

We can guarantee you one thing. In the case of well-known casinos with the best licenses, there should be no problems. Of course, there are always outliers and even then the Commission is behind you and gives you a hand.

Reputable online casinos have fair fees and terms and conditions

It is also advisable to research whether the respective casino charges high fees. For example, when making deposits and withdrawals. Although this is not an indication of whether it is serious. But some players find excessive fees unfair.

The limits would also be interesting. Anyone who can only withdraw from 50 euros feels fooled by many casinos. Rightly, if you don’t want to put up with this, don’t register there.

Some also charge fees for the hotline or for general customer service. There are also sometimes high turnover requirements for casino bonuses. We don’t find anything over 50% fair anymore. Here you have to decide for yourself whether you want to accept the offer or not.

As I said, this has nothing to do with being serious or dubious. But some things are inappropriate because fair play is part of it, so that the customer feels comfortable. That’s why everyone has to agree for themselves whether they want to play or not.

Conclusion: we know reputable online casinos

Security is the be-all and end-all when playing in an online casino. That’s why you should only play at reputable online casinos in English. Check the offers according to our instructions and you are guaranteed to be on the safe side. Use our tips, choose a casino from the list above and start playing right away. Maybe you’ll win the jackpot soon! Have fun and luck in the casino.

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