After prescribing the size and style of the corset to a client, the next question is what type of fabric is ideal for making it. Whether it is cotton or satin? or the client wishes to have a leather corset. These fabrics are wonderful and made of high-quality materials. But it is important to know that every fabric does have advantages and disadvantages and one might be a superior alternative for you than the others. Here’s a list of the most widely recognized fabrics for corsets-

  • SATIN – If your style is to wear the corset under your clothes then we prefer to have it made of satin. Your apparel will float over the satin made corset and won’t give you the sensation of clothes clinging to it.
  • MESH – Very light in weight and permeable material that can easily allow air to pass from it. It provides the utmost comfort and is very simple to wear under or over your dress. You can wear it in summer for a very long time without feeling sweaty, and it gives an extraordinary outline because there is so little stuffing inside the corset.
  • COTTON – If you are a big fan of comfortable clothing, cotton would be a great choice for corsets. Cotton takes somewhat longer to feel like it’s broken inside, but when it breaks, it provides comfort like your favorite denim pants. Wearing cotton made corset under your garments is somewhat difficult because of its thickness.
  • LEATHER – The leather made up of lambskin is extremely flexible. It’s a material that is well known for its comfort level. Many of us think that lambskin is hard and stiff when they consider leather for making corsets. Your garments wouldn’t stick to the leather fabric in case you wore it under your garments. The stuffing inside the leather made corsets are heavy, so it’s smarter to wear it over your garments and show it off. 
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