Easy Guidelines to Follow When Preparing a Raw Cat Food Diet

You know your cat best, and you feed it the best food possible because that’s one of the hallmarks of a responsible cat owner. Perhaps your cat is a fussy eater, or perhaps he or she has health issues that necessitate a special diet. Perhaps you need some advice on the preparation of raw cat food diets. Raw cat food is quickly becoming one of the most popular nutritional options for pet owners because of its numerous advantages. As humans, we increasingly choose natural, unprocessed meals for ourselves and our families; thus, our cats deserve the same. This blog is an analysis of easy guidelines to follow when preparing a raw cat food diet.

Easy Guidelines to Follow When Preparing a Raw Cat Food Diet

If you and your cat are set on a raw food diet, you and your family’s health are best served by strictly adhering to the FDA’s recommendations for preventing the spread of disease through improper handling of raw cat food. Below are easy guidelines to follow when preparing a raw cat food diet.

  • Always use soap and water to thoroughly clean your hands immediately after handling raw pet food or after touching any objects or surfaces that have been in contact with raw pet food for at least 20 seconds. Surfaces like refrigerator and microwave interiors, as well as countertops, are at risk of contamination. Culinary items, chopping boards, and pet bowls are all items that could be contaminated.
  • Ensure that everything that will come into contact with raw pet food has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Washing the items and surfaces with warm, soapy water is recommended before using any kind of disinfectant. Disinfecting with bleach is as simple as mixing one tablespoon of bleach into four cups of water. In addition, you can clean and disinfect dishes and utensils by running them through a dishwashing machine after each use.
  • Don’t thaw raw meat or poultry on the counter or in the sink; do so in the fridge or microwave.
  • Store the raw foods separate from other conventional pet foods.
  • Observe extreme caution when working with frozen or raw meat and poultry. Do not rinse the raw meat, fish, poultry, or seafood. Raw juices can sprinkle and transfer bacteria to nearby surfaces and foods.
  • Immediately store what your pet has been unable to finish in the refrigerator or discard it safely.
  • Never smooch your pet near the lips or allow it to touch your skin while handling the raw food.
  • Always use plenty of soap and water after playing with or being licked by your pet.

Keep in Mind the Health Benefits That Accompany Feeding a Raw Food Diet To Your Cat

Are you ready to transition into a raw cat food diet? Houston Raw Pet Food will be there for you at every step of the journey. We will make the transition simpler for both you and your cat. Please contact our pet feeding specialists if you have any questions regarding raw food diets or would like to place an order.

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