Direct Primary Care offered by Zenith Family Health

Healthcare in the United States lately can be described more as a business plan rather than an organized provision of medical care for a community. Healthcare establishes doctors and patients in an organization where their relationship is exploited by money. It seems as though the United States has lost touch with the true meaning of healthcare. Which is exactly why Zenith Family Health has put their very own touch on healthcare by offering affordable alternative medical care.

Zenith Family Health’s direct primary care program is set in place to provide patients with affordable convenient healthcare. With a low monthly cost, patients receive an unlimited access pass to their doctors through office visits, text message, email and virtual visits from the comfort of their home. These tools provided allow patients to get in touch with a doctor any time of the day. The direct primary care is to make sure patients have easy access to proper care whenever, wherever.

The doctors within the direct primary care have the resources to connect patients to different kinds of specialist and will aid in navigating other areas of the health care system. With today’s technology, there is no reason for communication or convenience to be lacking in healthcare. With convenience, patients are more likely to get assistance in whichever area they need.

The out of pocket cost with a normal insurance can add up fast whether patients take a visit to urgent care or unfortunately end up in the hospital. The cost can easily add up over the price of Zenith’s direct primary care insurance monthly cost. Patients often find themselves burning through their deductibles before insurance even kicks in. This can be avoided when having regular access to a doctor who take up to 90% off patients’ health care needs.

Direct primary care provides a personal relationship between the doctor and the patient with quality care. In typical healthcare, patients often feel left unheard due to little time spent with the doctor, averaging about 15 minutes. With Zenith’s direct primary care, patients can expect the compassion and attention they need. The patient focused environment allows for same day and weekend appointments to better accommodate.

Get better quality healthcare services at a much more affordable price when signing up for Zenith’s direct primary care. Visit or more information on their alternative medical care.

Zenith Family Health in Utah offers alternative primary direct care

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