8 tips to be more consistent

Consistency is a virtue and an unshakable ideology that every person should have to achieve their goals. The 8 tips to be more constant will help you in your training process and effort towards confronting difficulties.

How to be more constant in your projects? 8 tips

1. Attitude to everything

Good cheer before life is the key you must have to start fulfilling your projects. A positive attitude develops emotional capacities that influence success and happiness.

2. Define your goals

It is recommended that you define what you want to do and then focus your attention on it. Many people have a list of their projects and try to do them all at the same time. This causes disorder and confusion in the person who ends up getting discouraged and leaving them halfway. A secret to success is having a big goal and then breaking it down into small goals to achieve rapid progress.

3. Visualization must be given action

It is common for people to envision their future when they have projects in mind. But many only remain in that, in imagining. You must start the action as it motivates you to follow the path of your plans and leads to developing perseverance.

4. “I’ll do it tomorrow”

Not! The beginning is now, and if you want to reach the goal, stop putting off your activities. Delaying your plans means that your productivity declines and therefore you become a fickle person. Commitments accumulate and you fall into demotivation. You must be firm and disciplined when taking action.

5. Create a good habit

The best exercise to build consistency in yourself is to have a good habit. Your neural circuit creates new thought patterns that will change your lifestyle and lead to positive results. This exercise will help you assess yourself to determine your strengths and weaknesses by being consistent. The key to achieving this is in repetition.

6. Choose your social group correctly

A driving force towards the path of your goals is a person who encourages and guides you. These types of people (mentor, family, friends, contacts) are a beneficial help to keep you in the process. If you decline and don’t want to continue, they will be there to motivate you. Ariel Pfeffer comments: “Offer your confidence to people of value, some are only for the purpose of humiliating you”

7. Reward

Another way to stay consistent is to give yourself encouragement each time you achieve a goal. The brain has a function called the “reward system” that associates great efforts made towards pleasant situations. This will automatically make you want to keep repeating the effort to enjoy rewarding experiences.

8. Don’t be obsessed with results

You must bear in mind that achieving your goals will not be easy and with immediate results. Many people by not obtaining quick results become discouraged and stop being constant. Focus on your activities and long-term goals, when you least expect it, all your projects will be crossed off your list.

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