7 Mouth-Watering Recipes You Can Try With Your Mao Shan Wang Durian

How was your holiday? Did you enjoy it with your family and friends? For sure, you did! As we all know, Christmas day only happens once a year. Now as 2021 unfolds, there are still things that we left behind in 2020. One of those is the fruits at our dining table. For mums like you, you would want something extra, things that all of your family members would enjoy and your kids to remember. That means ordinary ones are out of your fruit basket. So, what should you replace them with instead? What fruits should you serve to make the holiday more enjoyable? For sure, back then, you thought of durian, the king of fruits. However, are they detectable enough to make your holiday one of a kind? Of course not! That is why for sure you bought yourself some maoshanwang, the kings of kings. Its rich and creamy taste leaves you to crave for some more. Though, what should you do with those leftovers? Should you eat it bare again? Or should you try to make it into something else? Let this article show you some maoshanwang recipes that would help you enjoy eating durian into the next level!

  • Durian crepe for breakfast.

Are you tired of eating maoshanwang in its original form? Then, why don’t you go crepe for breakfast? That way, your kids would enjoy something different aside from their usual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All you need to do mash the durian flesh you bought onlinewith a fork. Even better if you have a hand potato masher. After that, mix it with some whipped cream until it becomes a smooth texture. Once done, you are ready to pour some into the pan.

  • Fry chips for snacks.

If store-bought chips are not your thing, would you like to try some durian chips for a change? What? Is that even possible? Well, of course! The truth is it tastes like potato chips, but it has a sweeter taste. You can make these chips with the durian seeds and soak them for two to three days. Or until its skin breaks apart. Once it becomes soft, slice it into chip form. Sprinkle some salt, and let them dry. After that, deep dry them into 365 degrees Fahrenheit cooking oil. You can remove the chips once they have a golden brown texture.

  • Boil some sweet broth.

If you want something different, for sure you would love to have a bowl ofmaoshanwangsweet broth. It is like the pumpkin soup you usually eat, but it is a little bit sweet, and they are perfect for dessert! How would you make one? Easy! All you need is some glutinous rice, brown sugar, coconut milk, pandan leaves and a few durian flesh to taste. You could also sprinkle some salt for umami flavour.

  • Care for a durian tart?

If you are into baking, then making some durian tart would become your favourite pastime. You see, durian tart is hard to find, but that does not make it hard to make. More so, if you are into baking and you have some tools for baking.  However, if you want to save more time, you can use a ready-made tart dough as your crust. For its filling, you would not need to have a crème de la crème maoshanwang. Thedurian you bought onlinelast holiday is enough to make those sweet fillings.

  • Make it into a cheesecake.

On the other hand, if you are not into baking, that is okay. You can still make some desserts with your extra maoshanwang. Don’t worry, the price of this cheesecake would not make a hole in your pocket. You see, you can make it with your spare graham crackers. All you need to do is make those biscuits into crumbs and mix it with melted butter. Once done, pour the maoshanwang cream cheese puree into the moulded pan.  After that, store it in the fridge, at least for three hours and viola! Your durian cheesecake is now ready to serve.

  • Bake some cookies.

That is another sweet you can make with your extra durian. For this recipe, you would not need to do something special. Make the dough like you usually do, and add some mash durian fresh into the mixture. It is your choice whether you would be adding some chocolate or other toppings to make your cookies more special.

  • Quench the thirst with durian juice.

At last, a beverage that would help quench your thirst, and even cool your summer.  All you need to do is blend the durian flesh with some coconut milk and pour some ice. See, isn’t it simple? Furthermore, drinking this drink can help you detoxify the toxic into your body and relieve your insomnia. Your drink will become healthier if you add some lime zest.

So, which of these maoshanwang recipes have you tried at home? If you have other recipes in mind, do not hesitate to share those recipes with us. Let us savour what you enjoy by dropping it in the comment section below.

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