13 Simple Ways to Wear A Shirt Dress

A woman usually prefers to narrow down her wardrobe by one kind of dress and that is the shirt dress. This shirt dress for women is most comfortable, versatile, and much easy-to-wear when travel is considered. A shirt dress is just a part of a shirt and at the same time a dress. A shirt dress is considered as a double-duty item for fashion and it is worn very easily or sometimes paired with pants also. There are a number of ways by which a shirt dress can be worn.

Women try to prefer different types of ways by which she can wear a shirt dress. It looks classy and trendy. The shirt dress can be worn by women in different ways for both parties and casual looks. Girls opt for bountiful fashion ideas to wear this kind of dress.

These dresses are of classic style and are inspired by the button-front shirts of a man. Sometimes shirt dresses might look a little shapeless and plain, but they are versatile and chic things that a woman has in the closet. Here are some of the ways to wear a shirt dress:

  1. Wear with heels, bare legs, and a clutch in the hand

If a woman wants to look a bit sexy then this is the perfect way to style a shirt dress. Bare legs and heels with a sassy short shirt dress are a perfect combination.  Make sure that your legs look attractive enough because wearing a shirtdress in such a way does not look good if your legs are not attractive. The thicker this look becomes when the older you are. If you think this look will look good on you make sure to keep the look classy by adding one sophisticated clutch along with high-end accessories and a pair of designer shoes.

  1. Pair your shirtdress with sneakers

One of the other ways to pair a shirtdress is with sneakers. They are very much comfortable and also very easy to wear. Women who are in their middle age can prefer to wear shirtdresses with sneakers more than they would prefer to style the outfit with heels. Try to choose slip-on or lace-up statement sneakers to make them look more fashionable. The look will be much trendier if the sole of the sneakers is thick.

  1. Pair your shirtdress with leggings

Sometimes there are some women who feel that their shirtdress is too short. In such a case one can opt to wear the shirt dress with leggings. It will become more like a tunic dress worn with leggings. White or black leggings are mostly preferred. Do not go for patterns as they don’t pair well with even a solid colored shirtdress. Black or white leggings are the best for any type of shirtdress.

  1. Pair a long vest over the dress

You may also opt to pair a long vest over your shirtdress to make it look even more classy and trendy. Vests should be long and of neutral color. Go for a solid color shirtdress or even a printed shirtdress in that case. Printed shirtdress might be floral or a striped one. It looks very chic.

  1. Partly open

You can also use the shirtdress as a layering piece. You may wear one with unbuttoned partly so that the camisole unbuttoned can be revealed. Or else you can also opt to open one like long jackets. When a woman is strategically undone it looks very feminine. You may also opt to wear one with a tie or a belt. The figure-flattering feminine silhouette is created.

  1. Shirtdress along with a jean jacket

A cropped boyfriend blazer or a cure jean jacket looks perky and cute with the shirt dress. Many women often pair these with jean shirt dresses to make the look trendier. You will find a lot of women jackets online.

  1. Accessorize flare and fit shirt dress if you are pear-shaped

If the body of the woman is pear-shaped then you must style the dress with a flared or A-line bottom. Sometimes the dress can be too tight across the area of the hips. Therefore choose one wisely.

  1. Add a pair of skinny jeans with a shirt-dress

Most of the time shirt dress with skinny jeans that almost grab the ankles looks great. The shirt dress that is worn with skinny jeans must have a collar. You may pair the look with heels.

  1. For a sporty look roll up the sleeves

Go for rolling up or pulling up the sleeves of your shirt dress. It helps to create a sporty look. You may find some of the dresses having roll-tab sleeves. Those dresses are ideal for a sporty look.

  1. Pair with a boyfriend cardigan

Shirt dress for women is often paired with long cozy boyfriend cardigans. The duo looks excellent together especially when the material of the shirt dress is silky.

  1. Change the self-belt

Sometimes when the self-belt of the shirt dress is changed it looks different and stylish. Most of the time the self-belt that comes with the shirt dress looks average and also not figure-flattering.

  1. Pair with flat sandals

Flats with a shirt dress make the ultimate relaxed and simple look. Most of the shirt dresses are short therefore look great with flats.

  1. Go for a collarless shirtdress

Collarless shirt dresses are also perfect for feminine styles are they are softer in looks. Decide first which type of shirt dress will look best on you and also keep in mind about the style you want to go for.

The bottom line

The above tips will help you to know how to wear a shirt dress in a more simple and trendy way. It is itself a very simple attire but if worn in a proper way the look can be both elegant and classy. This dress is worn both in meetings and in parties. One needs to know the exact way by which the shirt dress for women can be styled to make it look more attractive and fashionable.

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