Winter sales: how to stand out from the competition thanks to excellent local visibility

Black Friday, Christmassummer and winter sales are strategic periods for many professionals. These one-off events can even represent the majority of the annual turnover of certain sectors. Therefore, they must be carefully prepared to be beneficial. Because competition is particularly tough during these unavoidable discount events.

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The winter sales are all the more crucial as their objective is to clear out stocks in order to better launch new offers.

The battle for discounts and image rages on during sales. Attracting consumers becomes more complex when they are bombarded with a multitude of commercial offers. To stand out from your competitors and reach your goals, it is essential to perfect your online presence. Local visibility is the key to building sales.

As a reminder, local visibility refers to your position in the search rankings of Internet users near or interested in your business and locality. In order to move up the rankings, it is essential to take care of your e-reputation and to update the information you share online. Consumers are in a hurry to buy and rely on the first results presented to them. To choose among the first three companies displayed, they scour the customer reviews. They choose the most reassuring establishment and quickly finalize an order before it passes them by. In this article, we remind you of the actions to put in place to reassure your prospects and make the difference with your competitors before the kick-off.

The winter sales: A key event to start the year 2022

We have not experienced such a disruptive environment since World War II. The closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a toll on many professionals. The financial impact has been devastating for some. While 2021 was a more forgiving year, it was still dictated by government decisions. So this year again, the winter sales will have a very special flavor. Their objective will be to allow companies to keep their heads above water.

The event must therefore be carefully prepared. Even more important than in previous years, the winter sales must allow you to sell off stocks while renewing contact with suspicious consumers who are looking for renewal. In order to capitalize effectively and durably on this period, your company will have to reassure by betting on its local visibility.

How can we influence consumer choice at this time?

In recent years, consumers have become accustomed to using digital channels to obtain information and make the right choices: the majority of French people even cite online customer reviews as the number one criterion for choosing a company*. In the current context, they are particularly inclined to start their research online and only go to the store when there is a good deal. Between January 12 and February 8, they will therefore scrutinize the information of online companies, analyze their reputation to find out if they are trustworthy and check if their offers are worth a visit.

So to integrate the choice of Internet users at the very beginning of the purchase intention, you must adopt a proactive customer-centric approach. In other words, you must take care of your e-reputation to attract consumers and make them move. Regularly updating information about your company online, providing as much positive feedback as possible, and responding to less positive comments are all tactics that will help you to convince.

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