Why are People Excited about Renegade RV Vienna?

When buying an RV people need to simply go through various aspects of the vehicle as it serves as more than just an automobile. It is a home away from home and due to all the comforts and amenities one can find in a house, the same is available in Renegade Vienna. From its power, performance, comfort, and more’ all adds to make it an exciting prospect to buy from a Renegade RV dealer in Iowa.

However, to know about what makes it an exciting mobile home, you will have to know about it in detail. Take a look!

Engine power

The Vienna is equipped with V6 Mercedes Benz turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. It produces 188 horsepower at 3,800 RPM and hefty torque of 325 ft-lbs at 1,400 RPM. This shows how powerful this RV is when one is driving. It is mated with an automatic 7-speed Mercedes Benz transmission that makes it an easy vehicle to drive for ideal experience.

It also has a fuel injected carburetion along with regular fuel requirement and fuel type used is diesel for sufficient power, durability, and longevity of the engine.


The pricing of the Renegade Vienna FWS is expected to be $152,000 to $153,000 approximately. People are excited to have this vehicle at such a reasonable price and consider it to be extremely generous for the company to make the pricing so affordable for all. This vehicle offers most of luxurious amenities along with high performance to make it rank at the top of most in-demand RVs’ list. If you feel like knowing about exact pricing, financing option or anything as such, quickly contact a Renegade RV dealer for best available deals.

Exterior and interior

The chassis brand used by Renegade Vienna is Sprinter from Mercedes Benz and model number is 3500, which ensures that people who opt for this RV has a sturdy vehicle in their life. It has a dimension of 299 inches or 24.92 feet in Length X Height of 132 inches or 11 feet X Width of 92.3 inches or 7.69 feet. Also, it has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds and has fuel capacity of 26.4 gallon.

The interior is designed remarkably along with various amenities that give one the homely feeling an individual seeks. It comes with a spacious kitchen and living area with a dining table, sofa, recliners, mid-size refrigerators, beds, bathroom, air conditioning, heater, and more.

Moreover, it has three holding tanks that offer ample resources for usage even when on a long trip with family members.

These are some of the things that make people excited about buying the Renegade Vienna. It is why; this model is one of the most used RV in the world. If anyone is looking to buy an RV, especially someone who is just getting into the RV lifestyle, this is the ideal option.

So, why wait, visit a dealer today and check out this model yourself. Once, satisfied with it and making all requirements meet, you can opt to book it immediately.

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