What to do with a hyperactive dog?

When you first selected your dog, the chances are that their high energy and enthusiasm levels were part of their appeal. Everyone wants a four-legged character, after all, and energy can certainly come across as personality.

Sadly, having a hyperactive dog at home can become too much for anyone to bear after a while. Nothing’s more draining than a dog that won’t settle. You may fear inviting guests around, and even lock yourself away just for a much-needed lie-down. You may even find that other dogs shy away from your bounding pooch when you’re out for walks!

The good news is that hyperactivity is not the unavoidable issue many dog owners think. Keep reading to find out what you can do for a peaceful life at last.

Ignore bad behaviour

Ignoring bad behaviour is essential when you have a hyperactive dog. Often, outbursts are rooted in little more than attention-seeking, especially if your dog has come to learn that you’ll always respond to this type of energy. Nip this habit in the bud at last by simply ignoring your dog’s high energy behaviour. Continue what you’re doing, and avoid eye contact or interaction for the duration. It might surprise you to find how quickly they get bored when you do.

Reconsider diet

As with human food, cheap brands of dog food are often full of additives, chemicals, and outright filler foods. This alone can lead to hyperactivity, so changing to a brand that uses natural ingredients could be beneficial. Proper nutritional content should at least help to release energy throughout the day, rather than leading to overloads all at once! Find the information related healthy food at affordable pet care and choose proper dieting plan for your loving one.

Find helpful ways to harness energy

Harnessing your Dog Treats is perhaps the best thing you can do to avoid hyperactive headaches. Something as simple as agility or obedience training can help to focus that bustling energy to useful means. With some basic knowledge and the best dog treats UK to hand, you should soon notice how much calmer your dog is after sessions. That’s because these are high-energy activities, yet they harness focus and can help to prevent the outbursts that have been driving you wild until now.

Create a calming environment

Last, you should aim to create a calming environment for your hyperactive pooch. Dogs very much respond to their surroundings, and a household full of shouting, high energy, and constant bustle is sure to set hyperactive tendencies alight. By comparison, a calm environment with steady predictability can help to level your dog and avoid those outbursts. Where possible, try to keep voices down at all times, and avoid running, screaming, or otherwise exciting your dog. Instead, provide a quiet space complete with a comfortable dog bed that could see even the most excitable canine dozing peacefully in no time,

Having a hyperactive dog at home isn’t easy, but it’s very much in your power to change this situation. Simply turn your attention to what’s behind your dog’s high energy, and use these helpful pointers to overcome it.

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