What Makes the Affiliate Programs Perfect

Affiliate programs are the excellent source of traffic for your business. Social networks are decreasing audience reach when you post. To increase reach, you need to invest in paid traffic. They want you to spend. Telegram does not limit the range. And you can create more informal content.

For the Players

Some top players in the market encourage fans to migrate to Telegram. That’s because marketing strategies work best on the telegram. Face, Instagram and YouTube policies are stricter. You may be suspended from social media, but this is unlikely to happen on Telegram.

Focus on LTV

Abroad, it is common for producers to offer 100% or even 120% commission to the affiliate . They do this because of LTV (Lifetime value). “Value of the customer’s lifetime”

The customer who buys product X ends up buying product Y and Z. The trend is that as of 2020, producers who work in a professional manner will begin to adjust to these changes.

Ask yourself how much is it worth to have a customer on your list for a year, 2 years?

Demand for digital influencers will increase

Digital influencers are great for doing online campaigns for brands, services and products on social networks. People buy more from influencers than from an ad. The tendency for micro-influencers, with fewer followers, to gain prominence as well. Know how to use influence marketing to leverage your sales as a producer or affiliate.

Video marketing

Research shows that by 2021, videos will receive 80% of online traffic. Investment in viral videos is growing. Using videos in email marketing can increase your open and click rate up to 300. Sales pages with videos convert 90% more. You can Read Douglas’ review and see what he said about it and have the best deals.

See why having a YouTube channel is important?

These are the main trends. If you want to be a successful producer or affiliate, you should pay attention to the future of affiliate marketing. We must adapt to the transformation of the digital market. New technologies change the game.

Is affiliate marketing illegal? Is it a pyramid?

The job is cool. And it is not a pyramid. As it is a new market with high profit possibilities, those who are unaware of the market think it is fraud. He thinks he’s about making easy money. On the contrary, to make money online with affiliate marketing you will have to work.

Can I do affiliate marketing without having a website?

It can. Some top affiliates do not have a blog. They only work with YouTube and Instagram. Some even have websites, but they are not updated and the articles are of low quality. Since people prefer to consume videos than read articles, TOP affiliates prefer to work with social networks and YouTube.


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