Tips for designing monument signs

For many businesses, monument signs are a critical asset that helps attract customers and boost sales. However, these signs can be difficult to design without the right tools and knowledge. If you’re looking to create or improve your monument signs in Ardmore, OK, here are some tips that will help you get started:

Plan your budget

The first step in your sign design journey is to plan your budget. You’ll need to decide on a budget before you start, and be realistic about the size of your budget. You can also consider how much you can afford to spend and make sure that you have enough money to cover the cost of materials and installation.

Once you have a budget set, it’s time to plan your sign. The first step is to decide what kind of sign you need and where it should be installed. You can create a new design from scratch or use an existing template.

Determine the sign’s purpose

The purpose of a monument sign should be determined before you begin the design process. A monument sign can be used to commemorate a person, event or cause, direct people to a specific place, advertise a business, or identify the location of a landmark. Your choice will depend on whether it is intended for private use by an individual, such as at home in the front yard, or public use on city property.

If the monument sign is for personal use, it should be easily visible and readable from a distance. You’ll need to determine how tall you want your sign to be as well as what materials would be appropriate in terms of cost and durability.

If you’re going to have a sign made for public use, such as on city property, there are additional considerations. You’ll need to decide what type of material will be used and whether it should be made from concrete or metal.

Consider placement and viewability

When designing your monument signs in Ardmore, OK, consider the location where you will install them. How high above ground level should it be? How far away from the road should it be? Should it be visible from the road or only from an aircraft?

When deciding on a layout, keep in mind that while there may not be many signs at one intersection, there could be several adjacent intersections with signs as well. Make sure to take this into account when deciding how much space each letter takes up and how much room is needed for other information, such as logos and phone numbers.

Use high-quality materials

In the world of advertising and signage, “high-quality” materials can mean a lot of different things.

You want your sign to last as long as possible, so you want to make sure that whatever material you use is durable. In addition to durability, you also want your monument sign’s material to be vandal resistant and weatherproof. This way, it can stand the test of time without falling apart after a few months in bad weather.

Know whose name goes first

If the sign is for a person, their name should come first. If the sign is for a company, the company name should come first. And if it’s for a location, then that location should appear first. This will make it easier to read when driving by and easier to understand when reading from left to right or top to bottom.


Monument signs are a great design choice for any business that needs to attract attention and convey information. With clear messaging and bold imagery, these signs can help you stand out from the crowd.

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