Team Building Activities And Their Impact On Productivity At Work

Team building activities are the best way to boost the morale of employees and add some positive energy into their normal work routines.

Sports are always fun, but apart from fun, team sports also help employees to get to know each other outside of a professional environment. It helps to buildfriendships between coworkers, which consequently enhances teamwork and improvesthe productivity levels of the team.

But planning for a team-building activity can be a challenging task. It can be a natural instinct to not want to spend time doing non-work related activities with coworkers, especially if it feels pressured.

Additionally, everyone has different tastes, whether it’s food or games.So, always choose ateam building activities as per the comfort level of the workers and go for the ones where everyone can participate without feeling pressured.

Here are some team building activities can help to improve many aspects of your workplaces.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer in Sydney is a great team-building sport for a team of any size; which makes it suitable for any company. It is one of the biggest emerging sports forcorporate and personal team building.

It requires high energy and engages everyone in the team to play in less competitive, funny way. Bubble soccer is actually a great way to break off from theprofessionalism and  formalities at work. Wearing the bubble suit looks ridiculously amusing, and once the game starts, the game is filled with action and laughter.

As it’s a team sport, to work together everyone needs to get to know each other more personally, which will directly benefit productivity and team work during office hours. Knowing each others strengths and weaknesses is always good for a team and everyone becomes more honest and open with each other.

Human Foosball

Seeing the term “foosball,” you might be thinking about table football/soccer but I’m talking about real human foosball. Both games are similar; the only difference is instead of playing on a table with plastic player’s, human foosball requires real people.

The field is about 4 metres wide and 9 metreslong, with rods stretching across the field. Everyone holds on to the rods similar to the platic figures in table foosball and then you start playing.

This game requires unity and communication among teammates. The more you communicate with your team members,the better you will play and be able to plan your next move accordingly.

The outcome will depend on the overall team effort, which is excellent for the sake of improving teamwork skills. Everyone will know that to win, it will be a team effort and everyone’s roles in the team are equally as important. This develops a positive attitude within the team, during the game and then back at the office . A positive attitude at work will always result in an improvement in productivity.

Beach Olympics

If you want to make your team building event more challenging with lots of activities and a high level of involvement from your employees, then Beach Olympic is the perfect sport for you.

As per the name “Beach Olympics,” are held at a beach,  where a variety of activities ar held, like Beach Volleyball, Beach Bubble Soccer, Beach Cricket, Flag Grid Iron, Sand Sculpting and many more. A multitude of activities like this help to keep every participant interested and engaged.

Beach Olympic activies are full of challenges, and all the events are designed to provide the ideal opportunity to get competitive with one another. When employees compete with each other, they will attempt to out performeach other,  thisminsight my lean over into the workplace and can result in an increase in performance and productivity.

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