Perfect SEO Tools by Amazon for Better Revenue

The chances of a product being sold in online stores increase manifold when the same is listed on top of search results. E.g. when the product is at the top of the listing, the customer is bound to take a look at the product in most cases and potentially buy it when it matches with what was looked up in the search.

A factor that contributes positively towards the listing of the product in the right manner is the content and information related to it. Upgrading the listing will contribute to increased visibility, high ranking and automatically generate more sales.

Amazon listing optimization is the exercise performed to improve the search visibility of the product, generate more clicks from customers, and convert clicks to orders. Few important factors that are important to improve the optimization are

  • identification of good target keywords,
  • creating excellent content with quality images and visuals,
  • generating more reviews for the product
  • Set good titles, descriptions, features, and prices

The results are expected to be good if the above-mentioned aspects are given due attention and necessary actions are carried out accordingly as part of optimization.

Amazon has its own rules and guidelines in place for ranking products as part of the search list output. Amazon uses what is referred to as the A9 algorithm. The algorithm reads, goes through, and scans the data to identify the best product option for the customer and also displays the most relevant ones at the top of the search.

Stock availability, price, sale volume, reviews, etc. are some of the other factors that help to improve the ranking of the product. Multiple tools and consultants are available to assist with the optimization steps and strategy.

Amazon Consultant & Keywords play a vital role of search results

Identifying keywords that are closest to the ones used by customers for searching the products and incorporating them as part of the product content can potentially achieve good search results, increase customer viewership and sales via conversion to potential orders

Amazon provides a free tool for performing Amazon keyword research that helps in finding out the popular and common keywords that can be used in amazon listings. The tool is referred to as the Amazon keyword tool. Based on the input keyword entered, the tool will list out all keywords recommended by amazon clearly and concisely.

The keyword tool helps to identify long-tail keywords specific to that product. Long-tail keywords are search phrases made up of multiple words and make the search more specific compared to the other keywords.

The keywords identified using the tool need to be included in the content appropriately under the correct sections which will ensure that the listings are retrieved when the user performs a search. A good listing should attract user attention and viewership. If the product, its content, attributes, price, and reviews are good, the view can get converted into orders. More number of orders will automatically increase the sales and popularity of the product.

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