Does AdhereIt Let You Know If the Injection Was Done Correctly?

When injecting medications, you must be aware of all the procedures you must follow to ensure that the injection is done correctly. It can be hazardous if you do not know what you are doing. There are several reasons that an injection may need to be done correctly, but one of the most common is improper handling. Correct procedures can result in proper dosages or even errors in dosage calculations.

Compliance with procedures

Adhere is an intelligent injection device that helps patients understand the procedure and gives them real-time feedback. The device is designed to work with different autoinjector platforms and is compatible with a wide range of commercially available devices. It also has a smartphone app. In addition, AdhereIt has additional features that can help improve patient compliance.

According to studies, 45 percent of patients avoid injecting medication due to anxiety. These factors can increase the need for follow-up support. This can be addressed through patient training and staff support.

AdhereIt integrates with many commercially available autoinjectors to address self-injection concerns. The device can detect the start and end of the injection session and transmit the patient’s performance results to the smartphone app. Aside from this, it can also detect irregularities and provide helpful information to healthcare professionals.

The device can also help reduce development costs and is an invaluable tool for clinical trials. Moreover, it can accommodate modular inserts.

Incorrect handling

The AdhereIT system has been around for a while, and many innovations have helped make it the best device. For example, one of the most notable features is the ability to integrate the device with a patient’s self-injector. In addition, the system also provides haptic and visual feedback to aid in the injection process. By combining the device with the self-injector above, medication adherence can be enhanced and made less time-consuming for patients. This helps lower the cost of developing drugs and improves health outcomes for all involved.

The AdhereIT system is the perfect way for a doctor to help patients stick to their medication regimen. However, it is also an excellent tool for reducing costs during clinical trials. As a result, this medical device has become invaluable to both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers.

Dosage misinterpretation/miscalculation

During self-injection with an autoinjector, the risk of miscalculating or misinterpreting the dose can be significant. However, there is some evidence that a simple design modification can reduce the odds of injury.

The most common dosage misinterpretation or miscalculation occurs in one of three situations. The first is in the setup procedure. Generally, the correct design involves a careful application of a skin fold, followed by proper placement of the device and a good pinch of the skin. Unfortunately, some users may need help to do these steps, resulting in a poor or ineffective application.

Dose calculations can also be problematic, especially in split-dose calculations. For example, one study found that a split-dose analysis could be misleading because some patients incorrectly assumed that the device could give them a single dose. On the other hand, another study reported that it was possible to miscalculate the number of quantities left in a disposable pen injector.

Digital ecosystem

AdhereIt is a device that provides real-time feedback on a patient’s injection performance. It uses sensors to detect events and outputs and then transfers that information to an app. It is compatible with many commercially available devices, such as autoinjectors, and provides haptic and audio feedback during the injection process.

By letting patients know if they are injecting the drug correctly, AdhereIT makes medication adherence easier. It also allows patients to learn how to administer their medications without medical assistance. Moreover, the system offers additional features like disease management instructional videos and HCP monitoring capabilities. Using a smartphone application also provides data that can be reviewed for irregularities. This helps pharma manufacturers promote better adherence and health outcomes for their patients.

AdhereIT is an intelligent attachable device component that can be used with various autoinjectors and self-injection devices. The device consists of a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the app.

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