Details of 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe to Know

Chevy Tahoe is a great family vehicle as it offers a roomy cabin that can haul ample items or passengers. The 2023 generation model is more stylish that appeals to people more. It is what makes people opt for this car. If you want to book a 2023 version Tahoe, then reach Page Chevrolet dealer or else you can go through the details of this vehicle first to check its suitability to your needs.

The engine

A V8 engine has powered this series since it was launched and the 2023 version also comes equipped with it. The standard option for this engine is a 5.3L engine which creates 355 horses, while its optional 6.2L makes 420 horses. However, this generation also comes with a diesel variant; a six-cylinder 3L engine. The diesel option provides fewer horses than other available options but creates a massive torque of 460 lb-ft which is the same as its V8 engine.

Each of these engines is grouped with an automatic ten-speed option for smooth gear changing and AWD or RWD drivetrain. For off-roading purposes, people choose to get Z71 trim as it comes fitted with certain features that make off-roading easy. These include all-terrain tires for the 20-inch wheels, a four-wheel drive system, a transfer case, a standard V8 engine, underbody protection, etc.

Most people select the Z71 package as it makes every journey more enjoyable. It makes the cabin quieter, better braking system, enhanced acceleration, and more. One of the most essential features of this pack is its air springs; this allows people to manually or automatically adjust car height efficiently. Also, it comprises adaptive dampers which are standard for higher-end trims.

The powertrain of this car makes it so attractive to people that most forget that it is an ideal family car. Hence, now onto its interior and other details that will help in noticing why more people use it as a family vehicle.


Tahoe is a full-size SUV and thus, comes with an acre of room for people to sit and relax. Three rows of standard seats with ample leg and head space are what passengers enjoy the most. People can equip 6 carry-ons behind its third row but can fit in numerous carry-on cases when all seats are folded. With seats stowed completely, it offers 123 cubic feet of space.

Also, supreme features such as smartphone integration, large infotainment screen, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. are some of the things that every family car should have. All these features and more make people want to buy it when check it out by visiting Page Chevy dealer.


Lastly, the base trim of Tahoe starts from $56,100. However, when opting for this Chevy automobile, you don’t want to get the base model. You want to go as higher as possible for enjoying the best feature. Try getting trims like Z71, Premier, or High Country which start from over $66k, $69k, and $76k respectively.

These are a few of the details that you should know about the 2023 Chevy Tahoe. It is a vehicle in the large SUV segment and is worth every penny.


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