Areas you can decorate using runner rugs

There are a lot of things and ways to add some beauty to your home decor! Be it a nice furniture piece or some exotic looking furnishings or even runners, this can be wonderful additions to your home decor that add to the aesthetic beauty of the place. But while you are considering runners for your home there are some places which can look better than before if you add these in that area? If you are curious to know more about it, then keep reading.

  • The entryway – Say hello to your guests in a stylish way by adding runners to your entryway.  Yes, these runners can make the entrance of your house look really charming. And if you want to give your entryway a better twist, then pick the runners that match or contrast the interiors of your entryway or the doors. In short, feel welcome each time you step in your personal space with soft runners at your entryway.
  • In an open setting living room – The open setting living room is seen in almost all houses today. While there is short of space in the city lives, it is very common to have your kitchen and living room in the same area but at different corners. In this space, if you add runners in either the kitchen area or living room or in the separation part of both of them, this can be a great way to differentiate the space and also make it look attractive. In such a case, you can pick the runners matching the shade of either the living room or the kitchen or keep it neutral for that perfect partition in this area.
  • Runners in kitchen – We agree that in apartments and small condos you rarely see the runners in kitchen, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add it in that space. In fact, if you opt for the traditional British kind of home decor or see the English kitchens, they often add runner rugs in the culinary space. It not only makes it comfortable to work bare foot in this area, but also reduces the noise if the utensils fall on the floor by any chance. But yes, if you are opting for runners in the kitchen, go for the material or colour that bears lot of spills and water exposure and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Runners In bedrooms – Doesn’t matter if it is yours or your child’s bedroom, adding runners in this space can be a fascinating idea. For the aesthetic point of view, you can add some beautiful looking runners in their space. But when we consider other factors like having a thick layer under your feet in your comfort area or making it an anti-skid space, it is a wonderful addition in your bedroom that shouldn’t be avoided if possible.
  • In your home exterior – There is no rule book stating that runners can be only opted for the interiors of the house, these can look beautiful even in the exterior section of the place. You can spread across the runners on your deck area, porch an even at the entrance of your garden. As long as it looks beautiful and suits the exterior decor, it is something to consider for your home.


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