All you need to know about wondrous sheet masks!

If you have followed tricks related to South-Asian skincare regimes, chances are high that you have heard some great things about sheet masks. For starters, sheet masks are not same as regular face masks that are applied as a paste or formula and then washed off a while later. A sheet mask basically contains some serum in a sheet that’s typically made of fabric, fibers, paper, or gel. Most sheet masks are designed to work on the skin for a specific reason, like hydration, pigmentation, or even for a gentle lift. These are packaged individually, so sheet masks are super easy to use. You can buy face mask at really amazing prices, but before you look for options, here’s what you need to know. 

Great on the go 

Attending a party? Is your skin feeling dry and dehydrated? All you need for quick rejuvenation is a sheet mask. Serums in sheet masks vary widely, from the ones that contain natural ingredients or extracts, to ones that have hyaluronic acid, retinol and other essential skincare basics. You can use one anytime you want, and there are many brands that have challenges, like the 15-day sheet mask challenge, where you can try a new sheet mask every day. 

Do cleanse your face

You have to cleanse your face thoroughly before using a sheet mask. Note that most of the better sheet masks have potent serums, and you can expect to get the full benefits, only when your skin is clean and pores are clear. You can use a cleansing balm, or a gentle cleanser. If you want to prep your skin further, consider using a gentle toner, so that your pores get the best effects of sheet masks. 

Be realistic with sheet masks

While sheet masks are great for getting quick boost and hydration, these are not cleansers. A sheet mask may, however, detox your skin, but will not exfoliate. Also, ensure that you do not wash off the serum after you are done with masking. A sheet mask should be on your face for 15 minutes at the least, and you can use the serum inside the packet to pat your skin later too. The potent serums should be allowed to work on your skin, so don’t use a towel either. 

Check online for great deals on sheet masks, and do check the active ingredients and what a mask is supposed to do.

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