A Short Guide to Why You Need the Perfect Gates for Homes

If you own or manage a house, you need to pay attention to some crucial details during its construction. For example, have you thought about ways you can handle the safety of residents? An HDB housing unit will have many residents. A builder’s priority is to ensure the security of everyone inside. More than paying attention to front doors and locks, you might want to consider looking for an HDB metal gate that can protect your house.

Gates are your home’s first measure of protection from the outside world. They are also the first parts of your house that any prospective visitor will see, and the front gates can affect both the functionality and aesthetics of houses.

Let’s look closer at how gates can influence your home experience in unexpected ways.

The real value of gates and how we use them

Why do people erect gates around their houses instead of just securing their interiors?  People use gates as an added measure of security. You can reap many benefits when you install wrought iron gates and other gate types for your house. Here are a few reasons why you should look into installing gates for your home.

1) Gates provide convenient yet safe access to your home. Nowadays, modern technology has not only made gated homes and subdivisions safer but more convenient to live in. Have you ever seen electronic or automatic gates in action? Even without leaving the safety of your car, you can open your gates remotely. You can also check who your visitors are from inside your home and allow them remote access. Even with normal gates, it’s better to have a barrier of protection between your actual home and the outside.

2) Gates provide you with more privacy. Don’t want people looking right into your house? You can find an HDB gate design that’s opaque enough for you to have some measure of privacy. You may have some outdoor spaces like backyards or pools that you want to shield from the outside, and you might not get the same enjoyment or security as great gates can give you.

3) Gates are the most durable option for home protection. Gates come in different materials. Most high-quality ones are made of a durable metal that can withstand the harshest of elements or endure abuse and heavy wear. If you get a great gate, it might last for years or even decades.

4) They can increase the value of your home. Are you planning to pack up and move across the country? You might want to sell your old home first. There’s some merit to getting a gate for your home. Do you know that gated buildings and houses are more valuable to prospective buyers than those that aren’t protected by gates? You might want to think about installing quality gates. Some electronic gates can increase the desirability of your house and add to its value.

5) Many gate types are reliable. There’s a reason why some metal gate types have been around for many years. Gates are reliable parts of your home that will never fail if you choose to properly maintain them. Wrought iron gates may degrade over time, but if you do minimal care and maintenance for your gates, you can surely make them last longer. Gates are the best option if you want long-lasting protection.

6) You want to clearly define your property. If you own a home or building, you most likely have an outdoor space that falls within your property line. Most homeowners would like to protect that part of their property, too. Gates are the most effective solution to restrict access to your space. You can mark the borders of your property and be able to set up anything within your premises.

7) You want to create a new aesthetic for your house. Security isn’t the only concern when it comes to buying a new gate. Many people purchase gates not just to protect their homes. They also have to think about what kind of exterior they want their home to have. Since gates are the first things that people see when they see your house, you might want to be careful about the gate style you choose. HBD gate design varies wildly in terms of aesthetics. Some emulate a more vintage look, whilst others are more suitable for modern houses.  You can ask a gate company and interior designer for tips on which gate styles fit your home best.

How to maintain the perfect gates


Whether you have simple garden gates or large wrought iron gates protecting your interior, you should do the bare minimum for your gates to perform their job well.  Their jobs may look simple, but be aware that they’re still responsible for protecting your homes from external hazards. Here are just a few tips that can help keep your gates in great condition and ready to protect your home at all times.

1) Inspect your gate regularly for any signs of degradation. See if there’s any grime buildup or signs of corrosion or rusting in important moving parts. Any buildup of dirt and grime can make it harder to open and close gates.

2) Regularly wash gates. Metal gates should be washed with a combination of soapy water and suds. Use a hard scrubbing brush and ensure you reach the hinges of your gates!

3) Lubricate the latches and locks of your gates. Your gates move on hinges and other mechanical parts, whether they are an electronic type or manual open. Use the proper kind of lubrication for their parts so they can smoothly turn without much friction.

Liminal can protect your homes with functional yet beautiful gates. Learn more about how you can get the perfect HDB gate design and more.

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