7 Wedding Planning Tips And Tricks For Couples On A Budget

A memorable wedding doesn’t have to be lavish. After all, it’s a celebration of something priceless — the love that the bride and groom share. And if you’re soon to tie the knot but you’re on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven tips to help you cover all your wedding expenditures (yes, including those lovely Personalized bridesmaid gifts).

Create a realistic budget plan. Discuss your financial capacity with your partner and be honest about it. Know that wedding is just the beginning — so make sure to not go overboard with what you can truly afford. Then, list down your needs and your must-haves. Ask your married friends and research online to get ideas about what costs a lot of money and what doesn’t. You can use all this information to determine where to cut back if needed.

Narrow down your guest list. One of the best tricks to hold a wedding if you have a small budget is to trim down your guest list. Keep things simple and intimate and invite only your family members, relatives, and close friends. A shorter guest list means you can spend less on almost everything — from invitations to food to keepsake gifts, which brings us to our next tip.

Order gifts in bulk from a reputable shop. When you’re buying gifts (e.g., personalized bridesmaid gifts), you can save money without losing thoughtfulness if you order from a shop that accommodates bulk personalized orders. This is also time-saving, especially if the gift shop is an online one. You can conveniently place your orders and have them delivered to your doorsteps on your preferred date.

Mind the season. The season doesn’t just dictate what kind of wedding you can hold (it can be a beach wedding or a simple garden wedding). It’s also a factor to consider if you want to cut down on your wedding expenses. For instance, for your bouquet and flower displays, you can save money by opting for seasonal blooms. The same is true with your choice of food menu. If the ingredients are in season, then the total catering expenses will be lower.

Choose a venue that already includes equipment. When choosing a venue, don’t just choose based on capacity and aesthetics. Especially if you’re on a budget, having a venue that already offers equipment can help you save money. Moreover, you also get to spend on logistics or on the transport of your audio-video equipment.

Partner with reliable vendors. Like any other event, a wedding requires several teams to run smoothly. You can avoid costly errors (e.g., preparing too much food) by hiring experienced suppliers like caterers. Pro tip: You can also tap your friends to provide needed services such as DJing or photo documentation — and take it as their wedding gift to you.

Delay your honeymoon. Did you know that an average honeymoon costs about $4,000? If you really want to stay on budget while not compromising the quality of wedding your guests will witness and experience, you may want to consider doing your honeymoon later. You can use the money you can save on this for other wedding expenditures like personalized bridesmaid gifts.

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