5 Questions to ask a car accident lawyer before hiring

After confronting a car accident, you need a legal assistance. Give it some time to deal with the instant trauma and to recover from the injuries. However, calling car accident lawyer is strongly advised as this person is your only help to fight for the compensation you need from the insurance company as well as the offender for the vehicle damages and your medical bills. Hire a local lawyer who is aware of the state law. For instance, if you’re in Texas, call a renowned houston car accident lawyer highly reviewed for providing best legal support to clients. 

Here are the top 5 questions to ask a car accident lawyer before hiring

Why should you hire the lawyer? Do you really need a car accident lawyer?

Ask the lawyer why you should hire him or her. Explain the accident you came across with and let the professional help you with some suggestions that why you need a proper legal assistance throughout the process considering the state law for auto accidents. 

You have got rights and you will be sufficiently compensated based on the damages caused by the other car. 

What is the total experience? How many cases the lawyer has won so far?

Ask about the total experience of the lawyer before you hire. You also need to know about the total number of wins the lawyer achieved. 

How much compensation can you expect?

You ask the lawyer about the exact amount of compensation you expect considering the insurance policy you have purchased. Also, let him file a lawsuit against the offender to get compensated. 

Can the lawyer ensure insurance negotiation or represent you at the court?

Ask the lawyer whether he/she can negotiate with the insurance company or can represent you at the court?

How much cost you’ll have to bear?

Finally, ask the charges you will have to pay throughout the case. 

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