4 Essential Factors to Consider While Choosing A DEA Compliant Safe

Do you own storage space for medicines and controlled substances? Then, protecting your goods is an absolute must. If the drugs or substances are connected to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), purchasing a protective safe to keep them is a must.

Any standard safe will not work in this case, and you’ll need a DEA compliant safe. Certain factors like the locking mechanism and steel quality must be considered while buying these safes.

This post will discuss the pointers you need to remember while you shop for a DEA-approved safe.

  1. Steel Quality and Thickness

The first step in selecting a safe is to check its thickness. It cannot have the thickness of any standard household safe and must meet the regulations. This is necessary to store and secure everything inside.

Its weight can be around 750lbs, but the safe’s thickness must be ideally 10-11 gauge steel. You can contact the local DEA office and their officers to learn more about this.

While selecting the safe, talk to the manufacturers about whether the thickness can endure external damage. The contents must stay unharmed even if the safe falls or bumps into anything.

  1. Locking Mechanism

Perhaps the most vital factor to keep in mind, the safe’s locking mechanism must be top-notch. If the medicines inside are to be stored for a long time, the locking system must prevent any breaches.

It is important that you understand the locking mechanism properly. People with malicious intentions must not be able to get through the lock. The system must be suitable for the type of controlled substances you’re securing, like Schedule 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Choose a safe that works best for the substances you’ll store after checking the locking mechanism. Research well and understand the features before finalizing a safe.

  1. Warranty

Just like purchasing any other product, you must check for the safe’s warranty period. In general, these types of safes have 1 to 2 years of warranty to save you from any hassles.

Although these products are highly durable, the warranty period enhances the protection. Any manufacturer providing a reasonable warranty is a high-quality seller. Try not to buy safes from anyone providing a lesser warranty.

In addition, the warranty might vary according to the schedule of controlled substances. Keep this in mind and talk to the manufacturer when in doubt.

  1. DEA Approved Seller

To save yourself from any problems during the purchase, always stick with a DEA-approved vendor. These suppliers will manufacture the safes according to the DEA guidelines for maximum protection.

A DEA-approved seller will manufacture the safes using only the appropriate materials. It goes without saying that the quality and efficiency of the product will also be better than other brands. It will be a more reliable and convenient deal.

You can search online for any DEA approved dealers before buying the safe. Check out the online reviews, testimonials, and ratings before moving forward.

Purchasing a DEA-approved safe will protect you from any unfortunate thefts or robberies. A top-notch quality product is a must.

However, you need to check the price tag before choosing the safe. Compare multiple DEA compliant safe manufacturers, their features, and if they offer any discounts. Remember, a cheap safe might not be the best option, so choose the safe wisely.

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